The Italian Centre is seen as a central home and reference point for Italians in South Australia.  Renovated in the early 1970’s to cater for the growing Italian population, the centre has always been a home for the Italian and Italian-Australian community, in particular hosting the weekly Sunday disco’s during the 70’s and 80’s.

During the 1990’s and early 2000’s the centre was again redeveloped into a modern day function centre and housed the famous Enoteca restaurant and office facility for the Italian Chamber of Commerce.

Now since 2015 the Italian Centre continues to be the central home of Italy in South Australia with the location of three prominent organisations in our office area which includes Com.It.Es South Australia (the Italian representative body of Italian citizens abroad), The Carrington Function Centre, Adelaide Italian Festival and the Dante Aligheiri Society of South Australia. The services that these body provide in a central location proves the important role the Italian Centre still plays today for the Italian community, ever since the property was purchased in 1952 for the newly arrived Italians. The function centre was most recently occupied by Peter Niutta of the Carrington Function Centre. We look forward to announcing our new function host shortly!