The South Australian Italian Association (SAIA) Annual Awards 2022

Help us give due recognition to those individuals or organisations whose achievements deserve to be celebrated!


The South Australian Italian Association (SAIA) serves as a strong voice for the Italian community in South Australia. In the last 70 years, SAIA and its predecessor and affiliated organisations have played a crucial role among the South Australian Italian Community and Italian organisations in maintaining Italian cultural roots and identity and promoting a sense of togetherness.

SAIA is incredibly proud of our Italian community and all it has achieved. Many arrived in Australia with close to nothing but the clothes on their back and now we have many local established and developing Italo-Australian business which have earnt the respect and pride of our Australian community.

Inspiring work is being done by Italians in all sectors including economic, culture, R&D and innovation, language, sport, business and Young Achiever. SAIA intends to create added value to this existing work, hoping it can stimulate young Italo-Australian generations to follow suit.

The SAIA Annual Awards 2022

The South Australian Italian Association (SAIA) has established the inaugural SAIA Annual Awards which will be celebrated during a Gala Night on Saturday 12 November 2022 at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

The annual awards aim to promote and perpetuate the strong Italian-South Australian heritage and to acknowledge the impact of Italian immigrants towards the construction of the fascinating multicultural Australian mosaic.

The SAIA Annual Awards have been established with the scope of recognising and celebrating the extraordinary accomplishments of individuals and/or organisations who have distinguished themselves in our community and in the community at large.

The SAIA Annual Awards 2022 will celebrate Italian individuals and/or organisations, who have shown excellence in their contributions to the following four sectors:

    • Culture and Art Award which includes education, music, language, sport, cuisine, etc.
    • Research & Development, and Innovation Award which includes: higher education, research, start-ups, innovative entrepreneurs, etc.
    • Business Award which includes: Primary Sector, Secondary Sector, and Tertiary Sectors.
    • Young Achiever Award which includes young people who have achieved excellence in their field of work or study, achieved a noteworthy personal accomplishment or have developed a creative or innovative project/initiative.


We seek to receive nominees from the South Australian Community. The entire Italian community in South Australia will be asked to submit a nomination using the ‘Nomination Form with Rules and Regulations’ which will be available through the SAIA Website.

Nominations will open on Friday 1st July 2022, before closing on Thursday 15th September 2022.

The nomination proposals will be assessed by an independent Awards Committee of prominent South Australians and the four awards will be announced at the Gala Night on 12 November 2022 at the Adelaide Convection Centre.


Awards Committee

The Awards Committee has been established to assess all the nomination proposals. The members of this Awards Committee have been identified on the base of their expertise and they are considered prominent experts in the four sectors of the awards.

1. Cav. Maurice Crotti AO, Chair of the Committee – Joint Chairman and Joint CEO San Remo Pasta
2. Mrs. Flavia Tata Nardini – CEO Fleet space Technologies
3. Mr. Vincent Ciccarello – Managing Director Adelaide Symphony Orchestra
4. Mrs. Zandria Farell – Space Sector Lead at Bureau of Meteorology
5. Dr. Phillip Donato OAM – President of SAIA
6. Adj. Prof. Nicola Sasanelli AM – CEO The Andy Thomas Space Foundation
7. Mrs. Kate Thiele – Founder and Principal of Klarity


SAIA Awards Nomination Form 2022

Please fill out this form to nominate for an award.